Monday, January 11, 2016

Elise checking in!

Hello fellow challengers! My name is Elise Adams. I live in the Grand Valley (Grand Junction area) on the western slope of Colorado. We moved from Greeley (where we lived for 9 years) over the summer, and I'm not going to lie - the summer and fall of 2015 were very difficult months for me. I'm sure it will be many more months before I feel like this area is "home". At this point I'd just like to feel like I'm home in my own skin! I've put on so much weight there are very few articles of clothing in my closet that fit me. Not only that, but I don't feel like myself much at all lately. I am pretty sad about this fact, but am determined to lose weight and feel happy in my own body once again - very soon.

I actually began my 2016 weight loss journey last Monday. I'm excited to start working with all of you in this challenge - because I had already planned to make these serious changes - and now I get to do it with a bunch of support and challengers! I  know I'll be more successful with the help and friendly competition that comes with Stephanie's challenges!

My goals for the next few months are probably very similar to all of yours! I want to lose weight, change my diet and feel better!! I've learned that the WHY behind goals is very important - so I'm going to share my WHYs with all of you.

WHY I have my goals!
1) So I feel at home in my own body again.
2) So I can heal my hip and possibly run again.
3) To be an example to my children and husband. If mama eats healthy, the whole family eats healthy.
4) To heal my mind. I believe a healthy physical body begets a healthy spirit and mind!
5) So I can fit in my own clothes again! I don't have $$ for new clothes in bigger sizes - only smaller!
6) So I will look and feel great on my upcoming cruise to Alaska with my husband!

There ya go! I'm going to be working hard - just like all of you! I will cheer you all on...but work hard to beat you too! I love that this is a friendly and supportive challenge! THANK YOU Stephanie for putting this on and supporting us all! I need help to reach my goals and I appreciate your encouragement! Good luck in week one friends!! Can't wait to meet you all!


  1. Great goals! You'll be back to feeling your groove in no time!

  2. I so needed that list!!! I might print out my own of why I need goals and put it up in my house! So important! Thanks Elise!