Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ellie Goulding Is My Inspiration

Thanks for the shout-out stumps.  The only thing i like less than green food is blogging.  I am still in good spirits after week 1.  I even found myself singing yesterday "Girl I got you on my mind" a little Ellie Goulding cover.  Don't tell my wife I was really singing to her In N Out burger.

My goal is to attend a rodeo next year, put my hand over my heart when they bring the flag out, and not be alarmed at the fact I have man boobs.


  1. Please...DON'T post any "before" pics.

    You'll work off that "Lil Chub" in no time.

  2. Hope you plan to Rodeo at the Dinosaur Roundup!!

  3. I know a place that sales manzierres of you are interested!