Saturday, January 30, 2016

No Bueno!

Can I just erase this week?
My husband had a 4 day conference +hotel+crappy food. Then on top of it, I get sick. Milkshakes please????

Ha ha, okay! I am done complaining and ready for Tylenol and a new week!
I bought a bunch of lettuce to help me forget about bread this week! Lettuce sandwiches, lettuce tacos, lettuce, lettuce, lettuce. An awesome salad recipes out there???

Have a great next week! I'm saying goodbye to this one!

Here is an awesome snack/recipe:

Fruit and yogurt kabobs

Fruit-berries of any type work the best!
Yogurt-any flavor
Kabob sticks
Wax paper
Cookie sheet

Thread your kabobs with fruit, leave a handle area on the bottom.
Dip in yogurt.
Place on wax paper lined cookie sheet.
Freeze for several hours.
Eat and enjoy!

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