Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bring it on week 2!

I am so pleased with last week and the results I saw, both physically and mentally! Even with sick kids I was able to get in a daily workout. And, it feels great to lose some weight!  The Christmas weight, and I had a lot of it this year, is almost gone. WOOT! My husband got me a fit bit for Christmas and I'm astounded at how motivating it can be, along with some friendly competition, and I am seeing results.  It really helps knowing I am accountable to record everything. I loved weight loss comparison to the honeymoon stage! I had to laugh cause it's so true!  Hopefully this "honeymoon" stage, along with the  hope of building new habits, will stick around for a  few more weeks! Here's to week 2!!  Bring it- cause I am ready!!

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