Sunday, April 9, 2017

Struggle bus

I countinue with my struggle to remember to blog, but here I am thank to Brenda. It's been tough lately sticking to working out and eating healthy while in the middle of moving out, my wedding a week away and getting ready for our trip to California in a week and a half but I have stuck to it through it all. In the middle of all this stress working out has kept me going strong simply because it helps relieve so much stress and all these important events keep me motivated. It's my last week of being a Morfin and going on to being an Ortega. As the day gets closer I get more and more nervous and I'm trying real hard to not eat my emotions. Lucky for me we have a lot that needs to be moved so that also keeps me up on my feet and moving

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  1. So exciting! Congrats on your big wedding day!!!