Monday, April 24, 2017

Can't believe this is the last week

This has been a fun challenge and it has gone by way fast. I would love to say I did the group challenge, but my two year old kept shoving popsicles (court-ticles if she says it) into my mouth and it was hard not to say no to a daddy daughter popsicle moment. I did learn that tracking my food makes me more thoughtful of what I eat instead of just "this is close enough to my calories" or "I worked out today". I did notice that when I would watch what I ate an even stopped eating so much because I was "hungry" I would actually feel better and not so sluggish. It was great to see everyone's progress and even better to do this with my wife. She is awesome and I do not apologize for all the times that I embarrass her :). She also is about 12 weeks pregnant and her hip hop group took 1st place in their dance competition this past weekend. She is doing the work of two and still winning.

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