Sunday, April 9, 2017

After weighing in each week, trying my hardest (minus one week) to get all my points... I sure haven't lost very much. By that I mean a whopping 3 pounds. What is interesting to me is that my clothes have been fitting better and my work outs have been easier. At first my goal of this challenge was to lose weight, but the reality is the scale doesn't show what really matters. Even if I weighed 100 pounds I know that those numbers play a mental game with you. I am terrified of this next challenge but I can have my Diet Coke so I am happy. It's just avoiding sweets and sugary treats right? Diet Coke does not fall into a "treat" category. It's 100% a need in my world!


  1. You're doing awesome! Keep it up! If you don't...i'll make you watch Star Wars :) :) :)

  2. I agree. The scale doesn't always reflect. And props for getting stronger!