Saturday, April 15, 2017


I live for sweets apparently.  I told James that we should save our cheat days for the weekend and what happens...treats! Social treats! Free treats! Cheap treats! I gave in on Wednesday thinking that it would be no big deal to save my second cheat day till Sunday. 30 minutes later I get a text for $3 fillups at our local FroYo place. And then a text from a good friend wanting to go to said FroYo to hang out! I wanted so badly to hang out with my friend. But I had to say no...because I wasted my cheat day on a TOTALLY WORTH IT DELICIOUS MINI BUNDT CAKE! And then the next day my friend that I had been making plans with for 3 weeks decided that we'd be making chocolate eggs while we hung out! I mean...seriously! The melted chocolatey goodness was just sitting right there calling to me! But fortunately I was able to blame my not trying any of the chocolates on that they needed to set up and I didn't want the chocolate all melty. HA! PLEASE! But let me tell you those chocolates are sitting on my shelf and I'm gonna have to be careful not to blow my good standings on Easter dinner and those eggs!

Anybody else been pinning desserts and delicious looking foods like crazy to pretend like you are going to taste those one day. Yeah...sorry...this is not a helpful post.

BUUUUT..this week I finally saw some results I was hoping for..and I am really grateful for this challenge. I clearly need to watch my sweets/treats/and desserts intake in the future.

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