Monday, April 10, 2017

freaking out!

The last couple weeks have sucked!  I have tried to stay positive but my son is leaving for boot camp.  (Navy)  in a couple days!! I planned on being with him Thursday at airport when he leaves but just found out we aren't allowed?!  So I guess the last time I will get to see him will be Wed when he swears in.  I just want to cry!! and eat my way through it and am considering quiting altogether.  Sorry to be such a downer but I AM FREAKING OUT!! Im not ready to be an empty nester.


  1. You can do it! My last two weeks have been bad too. We are here for you and I thank your son for his future service! That is amazing! You can do this!!!!

  2. Change is crazy hard! Don't give up!

  3. I think it takes a strong person to join the Navy...he probably learned that from you! You got this!