Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Off we go!

Hi there, my name is Bekki Johnson and I am Stephanie's sister-in-law.  I live in Brighton, CO and I'm thrilled to be joining this group.  I have twin sons who are serving on their missions right now and I'm determined to be lighter when they return home early next year. I also have two daughters (13,11) who keep me busy driving the car everywhere they need to go!

This week my goal is to read the scriptures as a family every single day!

I look forward to the support and accountability this group will provide!  Thanks for inviting me Stephanie!!


  1. Yay Bekki!
    I'm so glad you are doing this with me! I think that Karen and Molly are in too! I can't believe that your awesome missionaries will be home in just a few months...so exciting!

    1. This is Stephanie by the way...this computer won't let me post on my Blogger account.