Saturday, September 20, 2014

One foot on the right path.....

My name is Leisel Bode and I live in Greeley Colorado "just down the street" from Stephanie. I have four children and I have about 5lbs of left over weight from each of them. I am sick of looking in the mirror and wanting to run away and going to bed at night realizing that I have taken care of my family and not myself. I want to have another baby, but not before I have really improved my eating habits. The last time I did this challenged it paid off big time for me. I felt great and looked great too.  I love to cook, I love to make things and teach my kids.  Bring on the healthy and the happiness of really taking care of myself!
*And Stephanie I would love to bike ride with you!


  1. You are all around amazing Leisel! We'll have to figure out a time to bike!