Tuesday, September 23, 2014

     Hi! My name is Carrie Fowler and I live here in Greeley and I am ready to be more healthy! I really do have a passion for exercise and nutrition, but with 4 little kids and a husband who is busy in his residency program, I sometimes don't take care of myself the way I know I should! 
    I know I am good at eating fruits and vegetables throughout the day but I also love sugar WAY too much.  I love dessert, ice cream, candy and chocolate and I eat a lot of it!! As my most favorite and tasty season is upon us, I am excited for this challenge to keep me in check!  Exercise and getting enough sleep is also an important way for me to be happy and have the energy to do everything I need to.

My goals are:

Get rid of those last stubborn pounds.
Maintain my goal weight through the holidays.
Exercise 6 days a week even if it is only 20 minutes a day.
Get all my points for sleeping 7 hours at night. 
Cut back on sugar a lot. 
Drink at least 70 oz. of water a day.


  1. I hope you will share some of your awesome dinner recipes on this blog too! I'm glad you are in!