Monday, September 29, 2014

Change your diet, change your life

   For me, losing weight and feeling good mostly comes from eating right. We all know that eating fruits and veggies, whole grains, and lean meats is good for us. What about everything else? I love blogger/ you-tuber Mama Natural. She researches EVERYTHING, and explains things in easy-to-understand terms. Above is the first video in a three-part series called "Change your diet, change your life." She goes over healthy and unhealthy sugars, fats, and salts.
   Take 12 minutes and watch all three videos! I still have a weakness for white refined sugar, but our family tries to substitute honey in many things, and has cut out unhealthy fats and table salt. I contribute my healthier looking skin and hair, decreased asthma and allergies, less back and shoulder pain (from decreased inflammation,) easier time sleeping, and having no post-partum blues in part to changing my diet.
   Here's one yummy recipe for Flourless Double Chocolate Muffins to get you started! (Even though the recipe says to not use natural peanut butter, I still do and they turn out great)

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