Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Wow Stephanie! I love the little movie so we could see who won the prize this week! What a fun thing to look forward to each week! Talk about going the extra mile, huh? THANKS!

I have to ditto what Stephanie said in her post. Anyone out there feeling discouraged after week 1 thinking there is no way they can come back after a bad week of low points? Well....don't! There are still PLENTY of weeks left to regain some ground and catch back up! Stephanie is RIGHT! All of us encounter set backs. Not just during competitions, but during LIFE! Don't give up! Keep at it!

We are doing GREAT! I don't know about the rest of you - but in my experience it takes at least a month of hard work before I start to see tangible results - just about the time you start thinking how hard it is and wondering if you should keep going - you see a smaller tummy in the mirror as a reward for some serious hard work! I figure I gotta KEEP AT IT...no going back.

I sure hope you all had a great week! Kudos to all of us! Here's to an even BETTER week two!

ps. I am not always this up beat. There are days I really hate eating healthy....and getting up at 4:30am 4 days a week to work out. Really. I promise I won't always have this annoying cheerful type post. I'm just feeling happy cuz it's 8:45 and I get to go to bed soon. I. am. tired.


  1. You are chipper . . .keep it up. It's good for health and happiness.

  2. I read this again and I still can't wrap my head around a 4:30 AM wake up call. You are a warrior!