Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lots of Little Things


I'm Heather Herrick. I don' t think I can say I "came up" with the idea for this fitness challenge the first time, but I did compile these ideas and moderate the first group of "hot for the holidays" competitors. Sariah took the reigns to keep the healthy fun going after me, then Stephanie did it again later, and I've hosted a couple more since. I haven't ever won . . .BUT I have always ended up healthier than when I started. Which, really is winning, right? Cheesy, but true.

I enjoy having a group of people to be accountable to and that can help each other. I'm excited so many people are on board this time.

I've heard a complaint more than once that this style of competition has too many things to think about: sleeping enough, drinking enough, logging food, exercising, group goal, personal goal, blogging . . .And my response is always the same. There are a lot of little things to think about if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Anybody can do a crash diet and and lose 20 pounds fast. But keeping pounds off and staying healthy day to day takes lots of little things. Practicing those things when we have accountability can help them become habits and help us not have to think so hard about them, but do them regularly just because that's what we do, not because we'll win a prize at the end. Prizes definitely help with incentive though. 

So here's to 11 more weeks of helping each other do lots of little things.

My goals for this competition are:
1. Lose 8-10 pounds
2. Visit podiatrist and make a plan to heal my foot. (I'm a runner on hiatus due to a hurty foot)
3. Make sure to include strength training into my workouts 2-3x a week
4. Stay happy and don't stress over the scale . . . celebrate the little accomplishments
Last Spring running a 5K/kids dash with my kids.

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  1. That's a great picture!
    And I hope your foot is better by the end of this 12 weeks!