Monday, September 22, 2014

Ready to feel lighter and more energetic!

   My name is Ally Lott, and I'm in the Peak View ward in Greeley. I had my third baby 7 weeks ago, and am back to the weight I was before I had him... but I have two older kids that I haven't lost all the weight from! I know many of you, or have heard your names at least. The depth of this challenge is a little intimidating, but I'm going to try hard to not feel overwhelmed and succeed at my goals, which are:
*Lose 20 pounds (that would put me at pre-babies weight)
*No eating after 7pm
*96 oz water daily
*Minimum processed foods, avoid hydrogenated oils and refined sugar
*Exercise an hour each day (1/2 high-intensity, 1/2 playing or walking with my kids) I'm planning on another triathlon in July and hoping this will kick-start my training.
    I'm so excited to hear and learn from all of you, and I wish you all luck at succeeding!

**P.S. Stephanie-- I love the river trail, and will bike with you to Windsor anytime!


  1. You are looking amazing with a brand new blondie baby!

  2. Ally I'm so glad you decided to do the challenge!! We got this!!!

  3. I think I know who you are . . .let's get a big bike group going.