Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hit the ground running

Wow nothing like a week of keeping track of what you eat and calorie checking to really shine a light on bad habits. I am a nervous eater. If there is nothing to do I eat, if there are a hundred things to do I eat.  If there is nothing to eat I shop and then cook. A nibble here and there and of course several unhealthy servings of sugar. Cookies, cakes, candy the works. The saddest part is that I don't even enjoy it most of the time. My meals, treats and snacks are only an after taste and I realize the whole thing is gone. It is not helpful that since my cesarean 8 years ago that I don't feel full or hungry.  So I eat and eat and eat and eat out of habit and anxiety. I will be and old round goat in no time.
Does any one know of a safe company? I need to hire them to put my kitchen on a timed lock and unlock system....."Oh shoot, the kitchen is closed I guess I will just have to wait...." Problem solved.


  1. This whole post resonates with me. I've started reaching for sugar free gum instead of whatever else is lying around...it's been helping this week. I bought a bunch of different flavors...I don't recommend the grape lemonade.

  2. You can do it! I also like See's lollipops. They are 80 calories and they last a while. If I'm ever in Loveland, I buy a few to stash around for treat needs. :-D