Sunday, September 28, 2014

30 in 3

My name is Clark. I am Stephanie's husband. Ten years ago I returned to the States after a 2-year Church mission. I weighed 10 lbs. less than I had in high school. 3 months later, 3 months filled with late night trips to Wendy's, I was 30 lbs. heavier...30 in 3. I've gained and lost weight (mostly gained) repeatedly since then and now find myself 30 lbs. over my goal weight. I no longer participate in my old favorite sports because my joints just don't seem to handle the extra pounding, go figure. About the only positive thing with all of this is that I stay a little warmer in the winter!

My goal is simple: get control of my daily health habits so I can be the kind of husband and father I always planned to be.

Good luck everyone!

PS- I think Steph is choosing the group challenges just to make it tough on sugary drinks? Seriously?


  1. I think you are the best husband and father just the way you are...but thanks for doing this with me!

  2. Good luck Clark. Just being a working father and wonderful husband should burn off extra calories....oh well I guess you get extra blessings.