Saturday, September 20, 2014

Stephanie is Ready for this Challenge

Yes, this is my son Ethan in his soccer pictures last Spring.
I'm pretty sure that when my husband sees the hummus in the fridge he knows I am making an effort to be healthy.  Well the hummus is in the fridge so bring it on!  Thanks to everyone that is joining me for the next 12 weeks...I'm excited to see the progress all of us will make.

For those of you that don't know me, I live in Greeley, Colorado.  I have a great husband Clark, and 3 little boys that keep me on my toes.  I thought I would put a couple of my goals for this challenge in writing so you can hold me accountable.
1.  Lose 20 lbs.
2.  Lose a pants size
3.  Never miss an exercise point...1 hour/6 days a week for 12 weeks.
4.  I want to ride my bike from Greeley to Windsor on the river trail...I have not ridden a bike in years so this really will be a challenge...any of you locals want to join me?

Our family hiking this summer in the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park.
I hope you will all take a minute and introduce yourselves this week and maybe share some of your goals for the next 12 weeks!  Also take some "before" you can post them with your "after" pictures at the end.  Good luck everyone!  And happy hummus!


  1. I wish I was near you Biking is my favorite exercise!!! I've been doing 10-12 miles a day and I am so sad when it gets to cold! You can do it and you will love it.

  2. I'll go biking with you!! I love that trail. I rode it when I was training for my triathlon but haven't done it since. Let me know when you wanna go!

  3. Thanks for taking the reins Stephanie! This is gonna be awesome. My bike is fixed, so I'm on board for the bike ride too.