Monday, June 5, 2017

Stephanie Signing In

 Hey Everyone!  Thanks for participating in the summer challenge.  This here is a picture of me with my 4 fun kids on Mother's Day.  The little cherub there in pink joined our family almost 8 months ago.  She is a delight, an exhausting little delight.  I feel the past months I've been in survival mode to keep the family up and running, so the first thing to go is always taking care of myself.
I know if I want to live up to this portrait my 9 year old son made of me, I need to lose some weight and get in shape!  I have quite a bit to lose, but I know even losing 15 would help in the way I feel right now.  So I'm going to work hard these next two months...hoping to be a better me and better able to keep up with these kids.

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  1. Hey Steph! Mel Smith here, excited for the challenge. I've been stuck at almost 9 month prego weight ever since I got my IUD and my gestational diabetes stuck. ugh!
    hoping this inspires me to try new things and try harder and maybe lose some of the extra 25 I'm carrying around. Yay for a healthier us! Greg is doing a lot of the healthier habits with me now (and of course has already lost almost 20 lbs in just a month or two hahah) but it helps so much to not be doing it alone- plus I've got all you ladies and gents too! Sorry I couldn't figure out how to do my own post!