Sunday, June 18, 2017

This week... was not good. I still logged all my food and water and joined in the challenge but a lot of my motivation had faded. I have alway been bad at working out... essentially I am completely sedentary, which is something I would love to change about myself. I worked out one day this week...  and the rest of the week I sat in front of the TV too tiered from the day to move or just having no motivation. But next week is a new week... and I am really going to try to get 25 points for working out. Even if that means doing sit ups while I watch Jane the Virgin.


It is amazing that when you are so busy it is so easy to forget to log food... it does take energy to remember. I found that when I skip one day it is very easy to skip the next day too. This next week my goal is to make a to-do list so I have to check off things, not just with this challenge but with my busy day as well. I am hoping to refocus this week.



  1. This week was tough for me- got sick this weekend and was in survival mode with very little sleep. It was a caffeine drink or falling asleep at the wheel! I chose life haha hopefully on the mend and am gonna bust out and push myself this next week and work on my personal goal of helping my hubby get school study time ��

    1. Also, using my husbands account to post comments because I don't remember my own info anymore for the blog stuff hahah, this is Mel Smith and I can't wait to be more healthy!

    2. Go Mel! I also succumbed to caffeinated drinks at the wheel this week on a few long road trips. I'm glad you chose life. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Bree- I totally support TV show workouts. Whatever it takes!