Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Week 3 Results and Prize Winner

I didn't hear from everyone this week...hopefully you forgot to report your points because you are on a fun trip or something.  Just let me know when you can so I can add it to the running totals.

Also I forgot in the last email to mention that the prize up for grabs this week is a $10 Target gift card for anyone that completes the healthy snacks challenge.

Here are the standings after 3 Weeks:

1.  Amber F.                  270
2.  Sarah C.                   264
3.  Sarah V.                   261
4.  Cameron                  258
5.  Susie                        256
6.  Stephanie               250
7.  Linsey                      249
8.  Danica                     246
9.  Brian                        238
10.  Erica                      235
11.  Melanie                 229

Week 3 Prize Winner!  Who won the movie pass?:
HERE to see who won

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