Sunday, June 11, 2017

And here we go...

Hello everyone! This is Briana and Carsen Dumas. We are blogging together because I, Carsen after many attempts kept getting an error page as I would try to join the blog page. We are both from Boise, Idaho and very excited to do this challenge together. I chose to take part in this challenge not only to be a support and get support for and from my wife, but as a way to kickstart my way back into the level of activity and nutritional discipline that I have accustomed myself to in years past. 


I have been hearing about these challenges for awhile. My sister, Erica, participated in the last challenge and KILLED it. Carsen and I have been feeling like we needed something to get us out of our bad eating funk. I felt pretty inspired by my sister and it was really a no brainer. We excited to start and super happy that we have a lot of friends and family that are participating with us. 

First week is going good, we are already feeling better... less bloated, we feel lighter, and just happy that we are taking care of our bodies. 


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  1. You guys are awesome! Hope you will share some of your expertise with us throughout this challenge.