Monday, June 26, 2017

Red Robin....YUM!!!

  Last week we did the no eating after dinner challenge and I was able to complete the challenge....and then completely binge on steak fries at Red Robin. It was pretty freaking awesome and I don't care if i disqualify myself from this week if I was supposed to go the whole week cause you cannot not eat 3-6 basket of their steak fries. Basically communism if you don't :) 
  One of my personal goals is to stick to a carb and protein limit and it has been helping a ton. I do feel that I have more energy and that i'm not weighed down by all of the extra stuff that I was eating. I still have energy and even though on paper i've been eating less calories than I normally do I still feel that I can get done most everything that I plan on between work, family and school. the healthy snack challenge will be good so I can plan my extra calories out and have something good rather than...Hi-chews. Which are gods gift to man and the universe. Good luck everyone!

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