Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Workout progress

I had several goals for this challenge. One of them was to increase my workout endurance, another to increase my upper body strength. I decided that using the Insanity workouts could help with both of these.  Due to some nagging injuries I've dealt with for years (and a healthy dose of laziness), I haven't followed the workout schedule all that closely. In fact, I've mixed in a lot of 50 minute walks as my daily workouts.  You may remember that at the end of my first Insanity workout all I wanted to do was vomit.  Well, that hasn't changed all that much; but I do have good news to report. Tonight I did the Fit Test for the second time in this challenge and I averaged a 50% improvement in each category. Some categories were only a 25% increase, but others were over 75%!  

My weight and inch loss haven't been as dramatic as in prior challenges, but I'm still very encouraged  with my progress. We only have a couple more weeks to go. Stay strong and keep pushing...there's a big slice of chocolate cake waiting at the other side of the challenge!

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