Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Last week I failed to blog about my new workout so I thought I would do it this week. I decided to find a CrossFit workout because it seems to be all the rage right now. I just googled "cross fit workout" and came up with lots of choices. A couple of things I learned:

1. "WOD" is the work out of the day 
2.  "Box" is what they call a local gym
3. "AMRAP" is as many reps/reps as possible
4.  "For time" means to do the workout as prescribed and record your time

The workout I did didn't look much different than some of the HIIT workouts I have done in the past and unfortunately I can't find the exact one to share, LOL.  What I liked most is that a lot (all?) of the WODs are meant to be about 20 min and I think that is great. A big impact in a small amount of time. I am actually considering doing some classes at a box but I am kind of chicken. Ha!

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  1. You should try the box, in sure you'd be awesome at it! I would be terrified!