Saturday, February 6, 2016


I find that losing weight and inches is the BEST motivator to continue to lose weight and inches.  When the scale isn't budging and you don't feel like anything is happening it is so hard to stay motivated.  So I've been thinking about some of the non-scale victories that keep me going?

In December I had a headache everyday and it lasted several weeks.  Since I started this challenge I haven't had any...I don't know if it was the increase in water, less sugar consumption, or what...but something made a difference and that to me is a great non-scale victory.  I've also noticed that while everyone around me seems to be sick (and our family has gotten sick too) bouts with the cold and flu bugs have been much there's another little victory.  And last night I noticed I could feel some definition (although slight) in my arms...WHAT?!  Thank you to Melanie who tortures...I mean teaches us in TRX!

What victories have you all seen this challenge?

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