Tuesday, February 2, 2016

No Gluten

About a month ago I began a diet that includes cutting out gluten, sugar and dairy. Of them all - you would think sugar would be the very hardest. I can attest - it is not. At least for me. The very hardest one has been gluten. I miss having toast with my eggs in the morning! LOL! But, really, it has been very good for me. Yes - it has been hard. Yes - I have cheated. But in the last 21 days I have only cheated twice. For me - that is STELLAR!! Nobody get on here and brag about going without sugar for a year - or something like that - ok? I'm feeling good about my measly 3 weeks! HAHAHA!

I hope you're all doing well so far in the challenge! I know I'm feeling a lot happier about myself and life - which is really the most important part of these challenges anyway! I sure hope in the end I'm a few inches and pounds smaller too though. Good luck this week!!!

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