Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Guys, I'm strugglin'

I forgot to blog last week! For the first time in any of my challenges with Stephanie, I forgot to blog. I'm having a hard time finding motivation lately. I'm getting all my sleep points, but I am exhausted and low-energy. I go to the gym, do my workouts, but getting out of the house is a struggle. I can already tell I'm probably not going to get the group challenge points this week. Second day in a row I forgot about only healthy snacks until after I popped a piece of candy or goldfish crackers in my mouth. That probably means my mindless snacking is out of control...


  1. Me too Cindy! I ate a darn conversation heart that wasn't even that good.

  2. Me 2!! I'm struggling to workout as hard and eat what I need 2

  3. I feel ya! Hoping your week got better!