Sunday, February 7, 2016

The fruits and veggies challenge saved me

This past week I was on a cruise, and I can tell my life style is changing a bit.  I craved working out and looked for every opportunity to do so. Dave and I ran stairs, and I truly enjoyed running on the elliptical while watching the waves of the sea. Even though I am up in all my pounds again (GRRRRR- I hate this colorado weight!!!!) the challenge of eating my fruits and veggies came at the perfect week.  A huge storm rolled through and seriously made more than half the boat came down with sea sickness. But, because I was focused on eating healthier, and smaller meals, even with everyone dropping like flies around me, I didn't get sea sickness. I know it was because I was eating less, (still more than I should have though) And it was healthier choices then most of the people around me, I was glad that I didn't get sick. I am still discouraged to have so much of the pounds come back, but at least I haven't gained the inches back.  Here's to hoping next week is better for getting rid of the pounds.

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