Thursday, February 11, 2016

New Workout. I'm still sore

I take a class at my gym twice a week and on Tuesday we did a completely new workout.  We used all the weight machines--6 upper body, and 5 lower body.  We picked a machine and did 10 reps at a weight we could barely manage, then 10 pushups, next machine 10 reps and 10 pushups, and so on through all 11 machines.  The next circuit was pull-up/dips, prone pull-ups under a bar, abs with kettle ball, side shuffle, and mountain climbers--with 10 pushups between each exercise.  It was killer!  But what I really liked is that it is something I can replicate when I go to the gym on my own and really get a good workout.  I've found that when I'm at class I work really hard and am totally spent by the end, but when I go by myself I tend to take it easier and don't push myself very hard.  I plan to add this workout to my non-class days so that I will not be a slacker.

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