Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Switch it up!!

So switch it up to me means that I get to buy a new exercise video... I live in a small town and already own the ones at the store...  Okay, I have an addiction...  I probably own more exercise DVD's than regular DVD's...(You would think I was skinny or something... I use them all the time!)

So no new DVD...  Any online suggestions??  I tried on line yoga.  It could be addicting if I had more time... it helped me RELAX (not allowed!!).

So please... Tell me what you do??? I like to try new things.


  1. I love Zumba but their DVDs get kind of expensive. I love their wii games though. Check your library if you want to try something before buying!

  2. I like fitness blender on YouTube. I also like doing just dance on the wii like a crazy jazzercise lady, I always sweat. Last night I tried a ballet barre workout on YouTube and I liked it! I'm sore today in muscles I don't normally use