Tuesday, December 9, 2014


So here goes the last post!! For this challenge because I am in on the second one for sure!

My goals...  I have not reached my weight lose goal yet!  I am hoping to before the next challenge starts. I am almost there......

Personal goals.... One of my personal goals for a week was to not play any games on the iPad.  It stuck.  I found I have more time to (exercise...) clean and spend time with the kids.

My biggest challenge for this challenge....I really wanted to lose inches off my waist. I didn't lose one until last month.  Over the last month I haven't lost very much weight but have lost inches off my waist!!  Please explain...I want both to happen at the same time.

I am just slightly competitive and really wanted to win!!  I am walking away a winner because I have been a loser... I can't believe the amazing results many of you have had!!  Congratulations.  Let's do it again.

Stephanie at the end with the winners I really hope you post a total number of pounds and inches lost by the group.

Thanks for the fun adventure!


  1. Same! I would lose inches but no pounds, and then pounds but not inches! It took more than a month before it started coming off my waist too.

  2. You are a tough competitor! I'm proud of all your hard work...plus keeping up with those little kindergarten kids! You are amazing!