Thursday, December 11, 2014

Skinny Jeans or Spanx??????

I found a pair of white cotton 1978 Wranglers in the closet - they were great in college and I have kept them hoping some day to be thin enough to fit back in them -- Well.... I tried them on the other day and after a little struggle I actually got them to zip up!! They kinda freaked out my wife and daughter-in-law?? I don't how you ladies do it because if you can get into it you will wear it for the evening - I did not last 4 minutes! (sorry - no photo) So now I'm really confused as to what to ask Santa for? To celebrate the challenge I was going to ask Santa for a pair of skinny jeans - but after the college pant episode I don't think it would be appropriate. I'm now thinking about asking for a pair of Spanx for men???? Thanks to everyone for your support and making the challenge fun!!!! Yes Jenni F. is related to a pretty serious family of whack-a-doodles!!! F. Jeff


  1. To really give you advice on what to ask for, we need to see pictures...

  2. Spanx for all this year! We want to see a before of the pants in 1978!!!