Friday, December 12, 2014


So, just to get an idea of where I was I decided to do a mid-week weigh in on Wednesday. I was SUPER pleased and surprised with what the scale said! I just hope I can keep it there through the end of the week!

I hope everyone is enjoying the 'last week' excitement of a challenge! I've participated in more than my fair share of weight loss competitions and it's always an exciting and somewhat stressful week!

Like a lot of you, I'm also planning to participate in the challenge after the New Year. (God Bless You Stephanie!) I've already begun thinking about my goals for over the break (WHEN WILL WE START THE NEXT ONE??) and the next challenge.

I've decided whatever my ending weight is - I want to be within 2 pounds of that number the beginning of the next challenge. Hopefully the SAME!

I've also committed to weighing myself every few days in order to keep myself in check. (One year I didn't weigh myself for well over a month - until the END of the Holiday Season - and discovered I'd gained 8 pounds. I'm STILL trying to get those 8 pounds off!

I'm going to stay focused on fruits and vegies over the break. I'm also going to SOAK up having my husband around because beginning mid-January he will be leaving for 6 weeks to work out of town. I'm going to focus our family and couple activities on staying active and healthy!!

Good luck for the rest of the week! I'm excited to see our results!!

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