Friday, December 5, 2014

New and Used

I have been busy this week trying two new things! One of them is a new swimming stroke. One I have been terrified to try. The other - a craft I've never done. I'm NOT a crafty person - but not necessarily unwilling to try. I've tried my fair share of crafts....just never stuck with one long enough to call it my own. I had a gift from my sister that wasn't really 'my style'. It's a basket - one to display during the holidays. It was meant to be an ornamental display - but generally stayed in my storage room because I didn't know what to do with it and it didn't really go with any of my other decorations. I decided this was the year to tear it apart and make something new with it! Thus....the new from the used! I've spent the last two days learning how to make Christmas wreaths! It's been crazy. One moment I hate the entire process....the next I'm in love with the creation in front of me....and then back to hating the process! hahaha!

So far I have one I like and a few I'm still working on. I guess that's life - right? We always have a few things we like and many more things we are still working on improving!!!

Good luck this week! I know we are all hitting it hard to end strong. Let's stay positive as we take a 'used' body and lifestyle and make them NEW!!

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