Thursday, December 4, 2014


Here's to switching it up and going back to my junior high days when I was on a soccer team hahah
My brother's indoor soccer team needed a girl sub and I jumped on it along with my lil sis.

The game was last night and I am so unbelievably sore. I thought I was more fit with my cardio and weights, but there's something about soccer sprints that really beat me up and get me winded. Loved it. 40 minutes of pushing myself and I'm thinking about signing up for a team next season- it starts in January.

Someone outside my immediate circle noticed my improved physique. My weight may be slow to move, but I'm noticing, my family is noticing, and now, a slight acquaintance! Now I just need a stranger to whistle at me and I'm set. 

totally kidding, but yeah, feels good.

Core ideas, anyone? Maybe I'll bite the bullet and try yoga... I'm just not that coordinated or balanced. Here's to continuing to get out of our comfort zones!

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