Sunday, March 8, 2015

Well, Stephanie...

Stephanie asked how we keep ourselves motivated when the scale or measuring tape aren't showing us the progress we expect or want.  I have thought about this a little bit for myself.  I usually go 2 weeks without big results and then finally see some changes after 3 weeks.  Sometimes it is frustrating. First, I remind myself I am in it for the long haul, so I know eventually it will happen if I keep at it.  I also get excited by running faster and longer or lifting heavier weights.  I think about the progress I have made, in terms of the big picture.  I was basically sedentary until I took a marathon running class in college. Since that experience I have slowly gained in fitness (despite many set backs and regressions) and know have several "exercise" activities that I enjoy.  My kids are pretty active and I am glad that I can share some activities with them and make it part of a family lifestyle. Ultimately, I am on the right path.  My diet is better and better each year and my fitness level continues to improve.  I think creating these habits is a victory in itself.

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