Monday, March 2, 2015

I am loving all these one liners!

Ha ha...Most of us have all had a week...I am loving these one line posts...that is how I have felt this week! Just push through and survive!
I am finding myself slipping into old bad habits...I am so ready for the warm weather so I can change it up a bit.  I need some motivation! Ahh! I feel like I am constantly fighting myself!
Anyone else have the worst luck finding a healthy balance while nursing???  As soon as I cut down on calories my milk supply goes way down. Ugh..ugh...ugh...okay, I'm done complaining!
Have a great week!


  1. Sorry, Megan, I've never experience the roller coaster of exercise while nursing...and probably never will!

  2. Let's all hope Clark never experiences that!
    For me 1700 seemed to be the Magic calorie number while nursing to lose weight. If you need more calories try adding a healthy protein, instead of carbs or junk food...the extra calories probably won't keep you from losing weight if their healthy ones.
    Just make sure that cute Lina is well fed!