Thursday, March 12, 2015

Turbo Jam

For my new workout this week I tried Turbo Jam. It combines kickboxing moves with the enthusiasm of Richard Simmons. Have you ever been to a zumba class where the teacher describes your workout as a party and people are whooping and hollering during their favorite parts of songs? If so then you can imagine Turbo Jam. It was more than a little cheesy, and I'm still deciding whether the cheese added to the entertainment value or not. In any case it was a pretty good workout. It was a little hard to follow the move combinations so I think I'd get a better calorie burn after doing it a couple times.

I also tried the Barre workout that Jenni posted and it was really good. I have a new appreciation for how seriously athletic ballerinas are. My glutes and hamstrings were killing me the next day!!

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