Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tennis...for the first time

So I have been playing tennis for about 8 years now...I played for 4 years in high school but because of the cold weather we have taken up playing racket ball and have really enjoyed that. But this week has been so beautiful we decided to go play some tennis. Well it felt like I was playing for the first time and I am sure it looked that way too. First of all the racket felt huge compared to the racket ball racket and I am sure I looked like a crazy person swinging it around...I sure felt like one. I forgot how hard I needed to hit the ball so my hits either hit low on the net or they sailed out the was honestly very similar to the very first time I played tennis as a freshman....Then at church on sunday every one was like, "Oh I saw you and Steve out playing tennis..." Great now half the ward saw me like that!


  1. At least half your ward is not saying that they saw you and Steve at the spring speedo photo shoot.

  2. Yes at least we can be thankful for that hahaha