Friday, March 27, 2015


I love spring! This week has been better, at least with my state of mind. I had a root canal on Tuesday, which sucked, but actually wasn't as bad as I had anticipated. I've been kind of slacking lately with my eating and just going through the motions to get points, so this week I decided to cut out sugar again as a last effort to lose a few more pounds before the final weigh in. I love these sunny days and getting out in the yard. I planted some seeds in leftover sour cream containers last weekend and last night, as I brought them indoors, I noticed a little tomato plant had sprouted. This morning a few basil seeds decided to poke their heads out. There is something so exciting about planting seeds and watching them grow, not unlike being a parent, but somewhat less complicated. ;-)

Like Stephanie, I haven't made as much progress during this challenge as I'd hoped I would in the beginning, but I am so glad I decided to participate. With some of the stressors introduced in the last 11 weeks I probably would have thrown in the towel if I wasn't part of this group. Thanks all for your support and your stories of successes and struggles. Making healthy choices is so much better when you're not alone!!

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