Friday, May 1, 2015

Travel to the next Half Cone

This week I have been on the road - staying with family - everyone is glad I am here so they bake really good cookies and really good bread and you have to be polite - tough to lose weight on the road.  So I came up with and idea - next time the person in the car says "lets stop up here for some Ice Cream" just order the small cone (upgrade to the Brown Topper if you like) and eat slow!  The Brown Topper will start to melt the Ice Cream - It will start to make a mess in the car and you will have the excuse you need to pitch the entire cone and only give up 100 to 150 calories by eating 1/3 of the dripping monster!!!!   "Mommy - what is that on the road?" "Oh - I think some fool is back in that challenge thing and the result is not good for the environment!!"

F Jeff

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