Sunday, May 17, 2015

Raw Meals = Raw Deal

In a perfect world, I envision myself living in a hut, surviving off of the land's resources, and let's just add that my hair is longer everywhere. In my real world,, that's just not my bag. I like cheese. And i like olive oil. I'm not sure I even know the rules of raw eating, but I'm going to assume I didn't follow any of them with my personal challenge. However! I have a delicious "recipe" that was totally Pinterest inspired that I adapted to be even healthier than the original!

Here is the link to that recipe: /YUM!

My adaptation that can be translated to a lot of pasta/rice dishes is that I buy some broccoli slaw and boil it, I'm not sure how long, and the texture is up to you! Then, I sauté it with the kale and seasonings (garlic is a must!) and if I have some other veggies lying around I throw those in as well- peppers especially! Then I add some parm (not a ton) and it's good to go. It also reheats fabulously for lunch the next day.


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