Sunday, May 17, 2015

My Stache...

Let me tell ya'll about "my stache". My wonderful sister in-law made me a little snack jar that that is well renown amongst my co-workers. It is always filled with the staples: gummy sweetarts and fun-sized candy bars. After learning of last this weeks challenge, the gummies had to vacate their home in the Stache. Day after day I had to break it to my co-workers that the Stache was empty! What a trial! This week, when I needed an afternoon snack, I reached for a pack of extra hot cinnamon gum (sugar free, of course). The best part is that I don't even really like cinnamon gum! Something in that artificial flavoring induces a singeing on my tastes buds and I no longer need a snack. So when the day comes that your Stache dries up, reach for the cinamon gum.


  1. That empty Stache jar is just sad!

  2. I spent this whole post judging you for spelling stash wrong until I scrolled down and saw the pic! LOL