Sunday, May 10, 2015

No thank you !

I've recently come up with a new catch phrase for when I really don't want to do something. And I'm going to share it with everyone, but let me set the scene. Someone is shaking a blender ball cup and says "Hey! I made you breakfast! It's an 'Amazing Meals-Amazing Greens' meal replacement shake! Do you want it?" And my response will be (brace yourselves for the catchphrase): "No thank you! I'd rather rub a CHEESE GRATER all over my face!"

Yeah, so there's that. I really like Spirutein brand shakes, and Artesia gave me some Body by Vi powder, which I mixed with chocolate PB2 and it was amazing! Those two brands got me through the group challenge this week. However,, that Amazing Meals brand? YUCK! It tasted like artificially sweetened fish food.

My personal challenge this week was to walk 12K steps a day and I did it! Everyday but Thursday. Even today on Mother's Day where I took a fabulous nap, I squeaked right in! I am going to continue this trend next week and my personal goal for the upcoming week is to eat one raw meal a day. Yikes! Recipes are welcome!

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