Sunday, May 10, 2015

Only 10 grams???

Never has 10 grams of protein tasted so nasty! I will admit that the "grab-n-go" nature of the breakfast protein shake was convenient. I made it into the stream of morning commute traffic, just outside of the neighborhood before uncorking 10 grams of protein disguised as a chocolate shake..."ughhh, ewe, S.O.B!!!!" "How can that be so bad",  I thought to myself. Of-course, it must be because I didn't shake it up. After  a vigorous shaking that even Taylor Swift would be proud of. I sink my teeth into a second gulp. All the shaking did was transform a choco-shake from low-pulp to country-style. Nasty. I downed 6 of the 12 ounces and decided that I was sufficiently full. In that moment I felt much like Ron Burgundy. Needless to say I made homemade, fruit-based protein shakes the rest of the week.

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