Saturday, May 9, 2015

The Challenge is a little like Spear Fishing!

When you are 80 feet deep in the Gulf of Mexico with your trusty spear gun - you might spot a Grouper under a ledge at the edge of your sight distance - if you go straight at him he will break cover and flee!  But if you do not make eye contact and act like you are just swimming by he remains calm - just as you are going past you turn, aim and fire in about the same motion.  Losing weight is the tam way- never look a diet in the eye!  Your body gets nervous and thinks you are putting it in shock and it holds onto the fat to prepare for lean times ahead.  Instead you kinda swim by like you don't even know what a challenge is - a McDonalds Ice Cream Cone does not say diet and your body thinks it is getting the good stuff but the cone is only 170 calories.  A bite of chocolate here and there (except for next week) tells the body there are fat times ahead and it lets go of the pounds easier.  So relax live a little (key word little) and lose some weight!  But never look it in the eye!

F Jeff

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  1. Oh my gosh! I loved this post! I think I've scared my body too much! Ha ha! I'm totally going to the words of Dorey, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming"!!!!!