Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mix it up up up up... I'm on fire!

I was really excited to see that the group challenge this week was to mix up our workout routines, mostly because it's an easy challenge for me because I already do that, but also because I'm anxious for new ideas! This week I did Zumba, a Pound class, yoga, Pilates, a ton of walking, gardening (hey, when you carry 50lb bags across the back yard- that's a work out!) and.... Wait for it... Hip Hop Abs! The second part of the challenge was to try something new, and I've been doing yoga. I posted a picture of a downward dog on my Instagram as part of an IG yoga challenge. While it isn't the most flattering photo ever, it will be exciting to use later as part of a before/after shot... I hope!

Today was a busy day for us, too! It was my eldest daughter's first ballet recital! As such, I must post a braggy mommy picture. She did fabulous on the stage and I could not be more proud of this tiny dancer!

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