Tuesday, July 11, 2017


James did the same thing last challenge and he griped and moaned about it FOREVER and now I get it! Ha ha! I kept thinking about it and then the week just got away from me. So I'm getting it done early.

I am renewing my commitment this week to stick with it! I did better at exercising last week....and I want to keep doing better with that. Writing down what you are eating is SERIOUSLY so effective. But I gotta step that up again. I had 100% intention to do a new work out last week...but then I just didn't get to it. I thought my dance class would have us do a few leg or arm routines but that didn't happen...so I will have to do it this week just for fun.

But if you want to follow a fun dance class just search SHINE Dance Fitness on YouTube. They have some really fun routines, they are easy and really good aerobically and have some good squats and stuff in them. I also love Dance Fitness Marshall...he's hilarious and some of his dance moves are over the top...but if your giggling while working out it goes faster.

Pound those fruits and veggies peeps...lets finish this challenge out strong!
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Erica K. Peterson

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  1. The food log is the most effective! Especially when you are at Grammy's house and there are unlimited snacks! I've taken a few days off from the food log, but starting it up again this week!